The all-electric IntElect.

The all-electric "IntElect": More compact, dynamic, precise, economical and efficient. The generation of highly dynamic drive motors gives the IntElect maximum performance and an excellent energy balance. Design innovations reduce space requirements, improve accessibility, ergonomics and the precision of the machine. Due to its generous tool installation dimensions, the machine can cover a broad range of applications. 

All core components of the all-electric drive technology are developed inhouse by Sumitomo (SHI) Demag. With this approach, the IntElect achieves maximum dynamic performance and precision with maximum efficiency.  

  • Efficient
  • Precise
  • Reliable
  • All-electric
  • Flexible
  • Dynamic

Tailored to your applications.

If  your applications needs a precise and/or low manufacturing costs solution. Then the IntElect is your ideal choice. 
Maximum application diversity is one of the strengths of our IntElect: Whether for applications in the field of electrical components, for demanding, technical precision parts or for high-speed, thin-walled articles requiring high injection dynamics - you benefit from our many years of expertise in the field of all-electric drive technology, on all application axes.  
For applications in the fast cycle range, we offer the IntElect S as a machine that combines maximum performance, durability and efficiency in one.

Latest injection moulding technologies.

With a sophisticated drive and screw technology, the IntElect allows applications ranging from the smallest shot weights in the micro range to applications with highly complex cavitation. Technology packages adapt the IntElect to industry-specific requirements such as medical technology or the processing of liquid siliconesMulti-component as well as optical applications are also part of the machine's application range. 

Your benefits.

Never has an all-electric injection moulding machine been more efficient, precise and faster. Convince yourself of the following advantages (extract):

  • Increased efficiency
  • Dynamic drives
  • Innovative technology
  • Smaller footprint
  • Highest precision
  • Improved stiffness

Your contact person.

Peter Gladigau
Product development
All-electric machine series


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Discover now.

Download the product brochure with more information here.

Discover now.

Download the product brochure with more information here.