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Constantly increasing performance and functionality in ever smaller spaces - electronics has been developing at a breathtaking pace since the 1970s. Touch surfaces, intelligent displays and the normality of hybrid components require machine manufacturers to be able to think in terms of holistic, automated and networked processes.

Therefore, the greatest possible dynamics, flexibility and modularity are our drivers for the development of our innovative high-speed and high-precision systems. As a partner of the automotive and electronics industries for decades, we know the industry requirements better than almost any other supplier of injection moulding machines. And we are certain: the future belongs to the all-electric, high-performance and cleanroom-compatible IntElect machine series. 

  • Process integration
  • Industry expertise
  • Vertically integrated manufacturing
  • Energy and resource optimization
  • Comprehensive market knowledge
  • Process safety

Tailored to your application.

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag is a partner of the electronics industry in the production of connectors, plug connectors and sensors as well as electronic components for the operation and control of building services, computer and entertainment electronics, household appliances and automotive electronics. The portfolio also includes special installations for the production of hybrid components with Liquid Silicon Rubber (LSR) or the high speed production of connectors.

Latest injection moulding technologies.

The trend towards ever smaller devices has also heralded the end of mechanical switches and buttons. They are being replaced by intelligent functional interfaces and displays, which can only be realized with integrated IMD and IML solutions. In addition to the proven multi-component technology (2K, 3K etc.), Sumitomo (SHI) Demag is developing special processes for the manufacture of sealing systems in multi-component technology with a wide variety of sealing materials such as elastomers or LSR.



Your benefits.

The drive technology of the all-electric IntElect machine series developed in-house, is one of the key features to achieving the decisive competitive edge for customers. The other is our innovative industry focused sales. We provide our customers with an interdisciplinary team with broad knowledge of electronics and electrical engineering to find coordinated and comprehensive solutions from mechanical engineering, high-performance tools and flexible automation.



Specialist for high-precision electronic components: the all-electric IntElect.

Efficient production of electronic components with their often complex geometries and low wall thicknesses requires highly efficient, high-precision and extremely repeatable injection moulding machines such as the IntElect series from Sumitomo (SHI) Demag. With typical cycle times of greater than 3 seconds, the sophisticated machine concept is extremely economical: Independently operating, highly dynamic drive motors ensure fast, precise movements during plasticizing, injection and closing as well as low energy consumption and minimized switching times.



Your solution partner for electronic components.

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Business Development Electronics


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