Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Roadshow puts productivity on the map

February 2024 – Something huge is making its way around Europe over the next four months! Sumitomo (SHI) Demag presents to customers its first ever supersized roadshow truck. A 20 metre long mobile exhibition space containing all of the latest injection moulding technologies and timesavers that promise to put plastic processors on the fastest path to increased productivity and higher operating profits.

Starting at the company’s headquarter in Schwaig, Germany on 8 April, 2024, the 40 ton #NextStopProductivity truck will then set off on its European tour. Covering 14 countries in four months, at each of the 25 stopovers local country experts will present to their customers a fully-operational all-electric IntElect injection moulding machine. Several of the company’s latest digital solutions that deliver greater processing transparency and increased machine availability will also be demonstrated.

Citing customer convenience and sustainability as the rationale for organising this touring exhibition, CEO Gerd Liebig elaborates: “Our inaugural 2024 roadshow means that processors no longer need to commit to travelling to a trade show. Instead, we are bringing processors, managers, maintenance and industry experts all together at central locations in each respective country, with our local teams each hosting customer events, presentations and machine demonstrations. “As well as being less disruptive to businesses, this touring approach reaches more professionals, making it the more convenient travel option for everyone,” points out Mr. Liebig.

The unique roadshow event will demonstrate to customers exciting and more profitable ways to optimise production processes. Equipped with a 25mm screw and a 2-cavity tool, processing PP, visitors to the travelling expo will see first-hand the instant IntElect efficiency benefits. HB-Therm provides with the Thermo-6 the appropriate temperature control unit for the application. Users can then explore how to fully utilise features to repeatably decrease cycle times and make even more components at less cost to their business and the environment.

“Optimising productivity and improving TCO are gamechangers for processors, even more so during these challenging times. Being more competitive also requires well-informed, trained personnel. Our live demos will explore a range of operational-enhancing topics. Including minimising machinery downtime, increasing output, identifying the most efficient ways to process recycled and regrind materials, and leveraging the advantages of engaging your teams through training,” expands Mr. Liebig.

The planned route covers Italy, Spain and France. In May, the tour arrives in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Poland will host four successive events in early June, with the truck then heading to The Netherlands, Belgium, and back through Germany and France. The final four calling points will be in Ireland, Scotland and the UK.

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