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Weight-saving Injection Compression Moulding

IML Packaging

Machine:  Intelect S 220/660-1000

Digital solutions:  myConnect, R-Cycle database

Product:  IML 500g EuroLid

Cavities:  4 cav. injection compression

Product dimensions:  145,5mm x 95,5mm x 12mm

Wall thickness:  average 0,35mm

Weight:  6,2g

Material:  PP Bornewables™ BJ368MO

Cycle time:  3.75s (with IML)

Energy consumption:  0,30 kw/KG

Partners:  Campetella, Bazigos, Karydakis IML, Borealis, Digicolor

CE-certified production set


Machine:  IntElect 75

Robot:  SAM-C3 handle&place

Digital solutions:  SAM-Software, “Polymer Handling” CoS (ZE 9001), myConnect, activeMeltControl

Product:  BSH cover

Cavities:  2

Shot weight:  32g

Material:  PP from MOL Group

Cycle time:  25s

Partners: MOL Group, Digicolor

CE-certified production set


Machine:  IntElect 75

Robot:  SAM-C5 handle&box

Digital solutions:  SAM-Software, “SDR” CoS (ZE 9002), myConnect

Product:  Caliper

Cavities:  2+2

Shot weight:  24g

Material:  PS from Ineos Styrolution

Cycle time:  20s

Partner:  GIMATIC, Ineos Styrolution, MTF Technik, Digicolor

256-cavity single wire seals production


Machine:  IntElect 180 - 250 with LSR package

Digital solutions:  myConnect, Synthavo spare part identification

Product:  Single wire seals

Cavities:  256

Diameter:  4,1mm

Length:  7,8mm

Wall thickness:  0,825mm

Weight:  0,06g

Shot weight:  15,36g

Material:  Wacker Chemie Elastosil LR 3844/50

Cycle time:  17s

Partners: Rico, Reinhardt-Technik, Technotrans, Sepro, ASS Automation Systems, MTF Technik, Eltex, WACKER

Elevating process continuity to the next level


Description: Fully automatic control of the non-return valve and melt condition

Functionality: Compensating leakages of the non-return valve and for shot weight variations in nearly all applications and materials, whether it's due to batch fluctuations, recyclables, regrind, drying differences, dosing variations, or the use of additional additives

Demonstrated on Fakuma-exhibit:  IntElect 75 handle&place

Applicable machines: IntElect 1.08 and newer

Sales release: Quarter 1, 2024

Partner booth exhibits

Campetella,Hall A7 – booth 7208: El-Exis SP 250/2500 producing flower pots

Reinhardt-Technik, Hall A3 – booth 3313: IntElect 75/420–65 with LSR package producing surgical dental protection covers

SEPRO Group,Hall A1 – booth 1203: IntElect 130/520-450 producing cups

HEKUMA, Hall A7 – booth 7202: IntElect S 100/470-250 producing pipette tips