With a comprehensive range of innovative and proven technologies, the experts at Sumitomo (SHI) Demag can configure your machine precisely to your application.
Because you know best: Your investment in a new machine is only worthwhile if maximum operational efficiency is assured with maximum production output.




  • Future-proof
  • Innovative
  • Process constancy
  • Efficient
  • Safe
  • Performance

activeLock: Increases process stability.

Reduce shot weight fluctuations by up to 60%! The switchable non-return valve prevents the melt from flowing back into the plasticizing barrel at the beginning of the injection phase.
This ensures that your injection moulded parts can be produced to the highest quality.

Field of application: 

  • Technical plastics, 
  • Precision or technical parts
  • small to medium screw diameters




activeFlowBalance: Balancing out filling fluctuations.

Compensates for underfilling of injection moulds! 
Compensation for the negative effects of uneven mould filling and a uniform moulded part quality in multiple cavities can be achieved.
This reduces your scrap rate and increases your part quality. Another effect is that the max. injection pressure is reduced, resulting in a reduction of the clamping force.

Fields of application:

  • High cavitation moulds
  • Highest effect with semi-crystalline plastics




activeProtect: Comprehensive tool safety.

Sensitive mould protection and highest productivity!
The measurement and monitoring of the required forces during mould movement allows an active and immediate reaction to deviations. The monitoring is performed via an envelope curve which monitors for any deviation in relation to the set profile, if any deviation is detected then the mould is actively stopped. activeProtect works with complete safety in every process phase.
Sensitive protection of the tools is thus possible even with fast mould movements.



activeDrive: Innovative energy-saving drive.

Increase your energy savings! A frequency-controlled high-performance motor in combination with a hydraulic pump ensures optimum efficiency, as only as much power is made available as is required in each phase of the cycle.
The result is minimal losses and significant energy savings, especially with partial loads as well as in no-load operation.





activeMouldWater: Electronic water monitoring.

Increase your production efficiency! Effective and accurate mould temperature control optimizes your cycle times and reduces production downtime.
Changes in the control circuit temperature become visible, are available in the PDE and lead to a reduction in scrap.


activeAdjust: Process optimization.

Adapt the machines to your needs! With activeAdjust, the optimum control characteristics can be selected without external help using a simple slide control system.
This offers the advantage that the injection molding machine, which is designed for a wide range of applications, can be individually adjusted to your product. With maximum dynamics, you can achieve the shortest cycle times for fast applications or use very soft movements with low dynamics in order to produce technically sophisticated components in the best possible way.




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