The intuitive command centre.

The NC5 control system is characterized by its intuitive touch screen operation, powerful yet simple tp use. The core principle of the design of the NC5 control is the visualization of the injection process, which makes it much easier to setup and to control the machine.


The operator is supported simply and logically through all the steps from setup and process optimization to production and documentation. User-definable pages, the control of peripheral devices from the terminal of the injection moulding machine and remote maintenance are further highlights of this control system.



  • Sector-specific
  • Precise
  • Quick
  • Constant
  • Efficient
  • Error-free

Your benefit.

  • Simple operation and easy familiarization with NC5 plus
  • Clear layout of the screen pages, clear arrangement of the softkeys and hiding unused functions reduce set-up and optimization times
  • The danger of overpacking is reduced by simply entering an injection pressure profile and automatic ejection of the plastic melt after a longer standstill (time adjustable)
  • Extended possibilities for process optimization using activeAdjust
  • Prevention of mould damage through active mould protection during the closing and opening movement of the mould using activeQ+
  • Transparent process analysis by saving a reference cycle with graphical target and actual display
  • Automatic output and documentation of test parts
  • Control and reference position for clamping unit at the touch of a button
  • Automatic mould height and clamping force adjustment
  • Automatic injection system for timesaving shut down and start-up



Consistent control philosophy.

IntElect, El-Exis SP or Systec – The intuitive command centre enables consistent and clear process monitoring as well as process controlling across all machine series.

Visually clear structures help the user to quickly find the optimum settings.

Your contact person.

Werner Gempel
NC5 plus


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