The best combination for the fastest applications!

Increase your productivity with the El-Exis SP! Extremely short cycle times are achievable with its unique hybrid drive.
The El-Exis SP is the machine of choice when it comes to the fastest applications. The improved design reduces energy consumption and increases your competitive edge. Builtin support for OPC/UA and Industry 4.0 future proofs your investment.

72 caps
in less than 2 seconds
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  • High-speed drive technology
  • Process consistency 24/7
  • Higher plate rigidity
  • Shortest cycle times
  • Up to 20% energy savings
  • Intelligent accumulator control

Over 172,000 closing caps per hour

To produce standardized closing systems, maximum mould speeds with short strokes and optimal dosing performance have to be possible. El-Exis SP meets these requirements and has a record of reliable and safe operation with cycles far below 2.5 seconds over many years. Thanks to the extremely fast clamping unit and the highly dynamic ejector, maximum production output can be achieved. 

Perfect solutions for in-mould labelling

For the production of thin-walled packaging, the El-Exis SP leverages all its advantages: With it you will realize, thanks to particularly high injection dynamics and axis speeds; you can achieve any required filling time at the lowest cycle times. The mould clamping platens of the El-Exis SP have signifi cantly higher rigidity than conventional mould platens, giving the user a wider process window and minimizing tool wear.


Dynamic top performances for every size

Containers such as buckets and boxes not only require large opening strokes and rigid mould platens, but also an injection unit that controls the injection flow very precisely. Thanks to the hybrid drive technology and the short demoulding times, the El-Exis SP is the optimal solution for buckets both large and small