Techniques for reducing machine size, material and energy consumption.

In foaming, chemical or physical blowing agents are added to the plastic melt, resulting in a foam structure inside the component. The MuCell process is a physical foaming process in which an injector is used to dissolve gas directly in the melt in the plasticizing unit. Dissolving the gas reduces the melt viscosity, which makes it easier to fill even thin-walled components and thus reduces the required clamping force. The process enables a reduction in machine size, material and energy consumption. 

The only limitation is the surface quality of the components, which can show slight streaks. This can be compensated for completely by combining the sandwich moulding process with foaming or partially by using variothermal mould temperature control.

  • Cost saving
  • Weight reduction
  • Time saving
  • Design freedom
  • Energy saving
  • Material saving

Additional Equipment required for MuCell.

  • Gas cylinders
  • Gas dosing unit (supplier:Trexel)
  • Gas injector (supplier: Trexel)
  • Special plasticizing screw for mixing in the gas (L/D 25)
  • Interface for the integration of the peripheral devices into the machine control

Tailored to your applications.

Applications of MuCell can be found in the automotive industry (housings, covers, structural components), the consumables industry (housing components such as printers, shoe soles) and the packaging industry (bottles, boxes, cups).

Your benefits.

  • Weight reduction of up to 35%
  • Reduction of sink marks and warpage
  • Reduction of the locking force/ required machine size
  • Wall thickness reduction
  • Energy saving through reduced cycle and cooling time
  • Reduction of the injection pressure required to fill the mould cavity




Application Engineering

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