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Easy integration into the injection molding process.

With the IMD technique, a polyester film usually carries a printed image that is used for the actual decoration of injection moulded parts. First, the film is fed between the two halves of the mould by a film feed unit, positioned and fixed with a clamping frame. Then the closing movement of the mould already slightly adapts the film to the cavity shape. Similar to the IML technique, the plastic melt is bonded to the detaching paint layers via pressure and temperature during the injection process to form a solid compound. After the melt has cooled and the mould has been opened, the finished decorated part can be removed, with the decoration being automatically peeled off the carrier film. Now the feed unit brings the carrier film into position for the next injection cycle. Currently, this technique can be used to decorate parts made of a wide variety of plastics such as PP, ABS, PC, ABS/PC, ASA, SAN, PMMA and PBT.

  • Combination of surface, function and backlighting
  • Use of different surfaces in one tool
  • Easy change of decor

Process sequence.

  1. Printed foil carrier (rollstock) is positioned in the tool area
  2. Fixation and adjustment of the film carrier via clamping frame and vacuum
  3. Mould closes and injection process starts
  4. Lacquer layers of the carrier film bond through pressure and temperature
  5. Removal of the finished part with simultaneous foil feed

Tailored to your applications.

Application areas of IMD technology are flat plastic components in the automotive, telecommunications, IT and household sectors:


  • Automotive components (e.g. decorative panels, consoles, side panels)
  • Telecommunication articles (e.g. mobile phone shells, handhelds, telephones)
  • IT products (e.g. computer housings, laptop lids, printer chassis)
  • High-quality household appliances (e.g. designer coffee machines, washing machines)



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Discover now.

Please click here to learn more about combining IML and IMD for multi-touch displays. 

Discover now.

Please click here to learn more about combining IML and IMD for multi-touch displays.