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Agile production is the basis for market success.


Your partner for flexible production concepts in the consumer goods industry.

Today black, tomorrow blue, the day after a complete product relaunch. The production concepts for the consumer goods industry must be just as flexible and "trendy" as razors, pens, white goods, etc. “Make to Order” production, high quantities and highly optimized part prices demand top performance from the plastics industry and mechanical engineering in equal measure in terms of efficiency, economy and flexibility. 

At Sumitomo (SHI) Demag, we know the requirements  of the consumer goods industry from the many thousands of projects that our project teams have implemented worldwide. Our interdisciplinary industry sales team will support you from the the implementation of your ideas through project management, development, design and automation with a single goal in mind: we will find the best solution for your application – all built around our all-electric IntElect machine series. 

  • Process competence
  • Industry expertise
  • Energy and resource optimization
  • Comprehensive market knowledge
  • Highly efficient machine technology
  • Flexibility                                                     

Tailored to your application.

One of the strengths of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag is our understanding of the production of single or multi-component parts with a high of cavitation and short cycle times in sophisticated, highly automated production cells. In addition, our expertise in the consumer goods industry covers a wide range from light guides as well as optical and technical lenses, electrical components or thick-walled articles, for example in the sanitary sector. Furthermore we support you with the production of high-quality plastic articles for household, furniture, personal hygiene, sports articles and many more. 

Innovative injection moulding technologies.

The processes for the consumer goods industry are as diverse as the products: We implement efficient multi-component technology, for example, with sandwich processes and assembly injection moulding for moulded parts made of different materials and colours, low-pressure processes such as compression moulding for automated insertion of decorative or metal inserts, LSR for seals or physiological applications. With IML and IMD for decorating, back-injection of films for domestic appliances. 

Your benefits.

Whether for molded parts with thick walls or high-precision optical lenses made of liquid silicone, whether for high-quality mass produced parts or individualized special products, our consumer team will find a production system concept comprising injection molding machine, mold technology, robotics and part handling which will fit your needs – precisely.  

Fastest set-up times for high production flexibility.

For the make to order production environment typical of the consumer goods industry with zero stock and minimum delivery times, the IntElect series offers industry-specific advantages: generous tool space, fast start-up processes and perfect integration into a host computer system. Even during operation, this fully electric machine is extremely economical. Compared to hydraulic machines, the drives only consume up to 60% less electricity and only when necessary. Downtime and maintenance costs are also significantly lower.   



Your solution partner for the consumables industry.

Paolo Zirondoli

Business Development Consumer 


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