Action has never been more critical than it is currently.

Evolving global challenges such as posed by COVID-19, powerfully underlines the importance of taking bold and sustainable actions to future proof our business operations, address climate change and the scarcity of resources. A strong message we have condensed in Act! 

Act! serves as our claim on how Sumitomo (SHI) Demag intends to engage with and maintain continuity with customers, our employees and the wider community. Providing further assurance that with Sumitomo (SHI) Demag they have a reliable, forward thinking partner at their side to achieve sustainable solutions for plastics. Read more in our Company News.





Act! Electric

We support you to focus on more resource efficient technology:
Swapping your hydraulic and hybrid machines to all-electric ones helps you to lower carbon emissions, but also brings you benefits of higher component quality, improved repeatability and shorter cycle times. Watch our video.




Act! Clean

Our expertise in the all-electric range, combined with an optional package developed specifically for a typical medical production environment, enables to rapidly implement a clean production cell. For the medical industry, our technology systems are especially beneficial in challenging times, for example during COVID-19 crisis. Watch our video.