Maximum performance. Innovation. Sustainability.

Our promise: top performance. 
In each of our worldwide locations, we manufacture our products, machines and solutions to the highest quality standards. We guarantee our customers maximum performance in continuous operation – whether in the packaging industry, medical technology, the automotive industry, the consumables industry or the electronics sector. Japanese precision and discipline, combined with German engineering skills, make our promise come true worldwide. 


Our focus: Innovation. 
Innovation is omnipresent in our company and permeates through all areas of the company beyond our core business, machine technology. This enables us to be a true partner to our customers and to support them every day  with system solutions and services that are perfectly tailored to their applications and goals. 


Our claim: sustainability. 
For us, sustainable business means being profitable in the long term and handling ever scarcer resources with care. We develop modern and innovative technologies that actively contribute to climate protection with the lowest possible energy consumption. 

Act! a strong message.

It is essential to take courageous and sustainable measures, to position the company optimally for the demands of the future, to counteract climate change and the scarcity of resources, and thus to make our lives future-proof.

We have condensed this obligation to act with foresight towards customers, employees and the public in our motto Act! It also promises loyalty and continuity: 
With Sumitomo (SHI) Demag you have a reliable, forward-looking partner for sustainable solutions in injection moulding technology at your side.

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Act! Clean

Our expertise in the all-electric field, reinforced with a special option package for the special production requirements in medical technology, ensures a clean production environment. Especially in challenging times such as the COVID-19 crisis, we are in a decisive position to provide the medical industry with the best possible support as a system supplier. 

Act! Efficient

No matter whether it is the production of thin-walled products, buckets, sealing caps or other packaging parts: We focus on productivity and production efficiency. Together with our system partners, we offer the optimal system solution for your specific application.

Act! BIG

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag thinks and acts BIG. With customized, fully automated production cells consisting of an injection molding machine in combination with several 6-axis and 3-axis robots for the automotive industry. With modern and highly complex applications in  core technologies IMD, silicone and insert molding. With injection molding machines that are able to mass produce complex molded parts with a precise fit due to the advantages of the toggle lever - high precision with low energy consumption, stable platen parallelism and even distribution of clamping force. 

Act! Electric

Electrification is in full swing. We are convinced of the sustainability of electric drives, which, in addition to unique dynamics and scalability, offer the best efficiency. This is why we manufacture the drives for our all-electric machines in our own factory. This is the only way we can optimally map and individually adapt the dynamics of the injection molding process.

Act! Intelligent

In addition to machine technology, the progressive digitalization of our world is at the forefront. This is why we are working on a digital platform for networking production cells and merging all the necessary data so that the injection molding machine can provide you with the best possible support in optimizing your processes. Stay in touch with us and look forward to our forthcoming solutions, which are currently still under development.