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SPC Integrated Statistical Process Control

Function description:

The software package "Integrated Statistical Process Control" gives the injection moulder a tool with which they can monitor the production process using selected parameters.

Basis of SPC

With help from "Statistical Process Control" external influences which have an effect on the production process can be recognised early and preventative measures introduced. This leads to an increase in productivity and quality. The injection moulder can automatically keep a record of the parts quality by means of an integrated printer function.

Details of integrated SPC:

  • Integrated capability evaluation with 50 measurements per parameter
  • Simultaneous monitoring of 7 parameters
  • Automatic acquisition of measurements
  • Subgroup size selectable between 2 and 10
  • Interval between subgroups can be set via time (1 ... 255 minutes) or shots (2 ... 255 shots)
  • 100 % monitoring possible
  • Display of 31 subgroups per parameter
  • Automatic calculation of control limits, if normally distributed, using integrated algorithm
  • Studies represented as x/s control chart with various scaling options and indication of single shot values in each subgroup
  • Machine and process capability analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Option to add comment to all subgroups
  • Integrated printer function for documentation of quality
  • Studies based on FORD Q101


By integrating SPC into the operator panel (IBED) of the machine the monitoring process is to a greater
extent automated. This results in an effective and reliable use of the SPC.


(ZE 460 or ZE 790 required for print outs)
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