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ErgoTTY is the hands-on software tool for process data acquisition, documentation, analysis, and security on Sumitomo (SHI) Demag injection moulding machines.

Recording PDA statistics
Up to 10 values of process data acquisition (PDA) on Sumitomo (SHI) Demag machines with NC4-control system can be recorded over an extended period of time directly on the fixed disc of a PC.

Ideal traceability
For reliable data monitoring and archiving, the tool saves process data plus date and time from cycle to cycle - also in the ASCII format.

Simple backup
All data can be simply and conveniently stored for relatively long archiving periods on any type of data carrier. There is no need for hard-copy archiving.

Unproblematic evaluation
The process data can be imported in a simple way into and evaluated by popular spreadsheet programs (e.g. Microsoft Excel®).

Detailed data material
If desired, it is possible to transfer and store the associated screens from the operator panel/Ergocontrol display with the PDA data - e.g. temperature profiles or setup settings

All that is required is a suitable cable between operator panel and PC and the software. The Ergo TTY program runs both under Windows 95/98/Me/XP and under Windows NT.

Download Click to see the ErgoTTY manual.

Please note the following steps of the installation instructions:

  • Unpack ZIP file
  • Install program by starting Setup.exe
  • Check settings in operator panel/Ergocontrol (pages 83,84,53)
  • Check settings in program (under settings ->defaults)
  • Connect cable (not included in scope of supply; for circuit arrangement see operating instructions)
  • Start program
  • Start data recording under "File" -> "Online"
  • Stop data recording under "File" -> "Offline"
  • Enter file name

Please note!
The program has to be registered within 30 days. Otherwise, recording of data/screens is no longer possible.

Please read out and communicate to Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Service the value of "machine identifier" under "settings" -> "registration". You will then receive the serial number and the associated enable code as soon as possible which please enter into the fields provided in order to be able to use the program permanently .