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Keep yourself in the picture - by mobile production monitoring

'Ergo SMS' is a practical tool for monitoring production with Sumitomo (SHI) Demag injection moulding machines designed to warn the operator quickly by SMS that a production problem has occurred or that the specified number of articles have been completed.

Informed operating personnel
All those responsible for the current production on a machine can be included in the monitoring process.

Secure production at any time
Communication by SMS on mobile phones permits instant intervention even at times of low manning, e.g. at weekends or during night shifts.

Flexible monitoring objective
As a portable solution - optional - Ergo SMS can be simply and quickly transferred from one machine to another.

Straightforward integration
The use of few and easy to operate elements enables integration to be implemented quickly and easily.

Quick refit capability
Ergo SMS refits are available for all Sumitomo-Demag injection moulding machines and ensure universal application.