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Upgrading of your injection moulding machine to adapt to your technical requirements

Mobile integrated hot runner control

ErgoHeat is a mobile hot runner controller. It is designed to cooperate directly with the control system of your Sumitomo (SHI) Demag IM machine. With two available variants for up to 16 (ErgoHeat16) or 32 hot runner zones (ErgoHeat32), ErgoHeat will satisfy any special requirements too, as customised special versions in respect of the number of zones and power rating are readily available.

Convenient operation
The additional heating zones are directly integrated into the existing machine control system. This enables you to operate both external and internal hot runner zones conveniently via the machine terminal. Functions,such as hot runner optimisation, boost, start-up interlock, temperature reduction, switching on/off,open loop control if wire breaks,can be operated both stand-alone and “guided ” through internal hot runner zones.

Mobility and time saving
ErgoHeat enables you to extend the hot runner capacities of your Sumitomo (SHI) Demag machine in a simple and low-cost way by means of an external hot runner cabinet. ErgoHeat can be fl exibly transferred from one machine to another. External hot runner data can be stored in the mould catalogue. This helps you to save time,for example,when changing moulds.

High availability
There are good reasons why Sumitomo (SHI) Demag goes for total modularity in its technologies: in its control system, solid-state relays, fuses and connectors,we use only Sumitomo (SHI) Demag standard components with established power data (230 V/16 A/2.75 kW). Spare parts are quickly available and uncomplicated, low-cost maintenance is assured. So that sustained operation of your machine is ensured without any major downtime.

Modular concept
Depending on mould requirements,the number of zones can be extended without limitation – e.g. zones 1 –16 (63 A)in the smaller cabinet without casters, designed to be mounted mechanically and fl exibly on your machine, zones 1 –32 in the larger cabinet with casters.

Straightforward retrofitting
ErgoHeat components can be conveniently and cost-ef fi ciently retro fi tted to all Sumitomo (SHI) Demag injection moulding machines, starting from the ERGOTECH series with NC4 controllers. An additional CAN bus interface provides data exchange. 24 V DC power is supplied and the emergency-OFF signal integrated into the injection moulding machine via a simple signal interface. Due to the provision of an external power supply,there is no need for re fi tting the injection moulding machine.