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Upgrading of your injection moulding machine to adapt to your technical requirements

Fast and reliable – CompactFlash module replaces the diskette drive

CompactFlash cards have become the standard in storage media. With the new retrofitting set, you can replace the diskette drives of your earlier purchase Sumitomo (SHI) Demag machines quickly and easily.

640 tool sets on one storage medium

  • Up to 100 previously used diskettes can be stored on one CompactFlash card.

Plug and play

  • 100% installation compatibility
  • Diskette drive out, CompactFlash kit in – that’s all!

Data security

  • You no longer have to change diskettes.
  • Easy data security and the special industrially tested design of the CompactFlash module spell out higher security for your valuable data.
  • The module is especially protected against dust and shocks.

An upgrade that will pay off

All data ready to hand at any time
Up to 100 conventional tool catalog disks can be saved on merely one CompactCard. This is equivalent to 640 tool record sets.

Data backup
The CompactCard makes data backup so much easier. The CompactCard can be read by any standard PC, and the data can be saved via merely a few mouse clicks.

Data transmission made easy
The existing tool disks can be converted by means of the conversion program included in the supply, and transferred to the CompactCard. A segment display is used to indicate the virtual disk no. that can then be selected by the user at the visual display unit.

Data security
This straightforward backup scheme and special CompactCard module tested and approved for industrial use will provide increased security for your valuable data. This module is especially protected against dust or shock.

Easy installation

You do not have to change the system over for changing from the diskette to the CompactFlash drive due to 100% installation compatibility.

If you retrofit with the CompactFlash module, you get a CompactFlash card (industrial grade) with the current machine software and an empty card for your data records.