Hybrid and electrical injection moulding machines


Electric injection moulding machines

El-Exis SP & Systec SP

Hybrid injection moulding machines


"Blue Technolution" Machine Technology Setting New Standards

"Blue Technolution" Machine Technology Setting New Standards

Our advanced, application-oriented machine technology goes hand in hand with our environmentally friendly approach and our commitment to resource protection. We combine energy-efficient concepts with intelligent solutions and a clear competitive edge in production efficiency.

All our products use the same global platform as a basis. This platform can be adapted to almost all special customer requirements and it can be further developed to an industry-optimised production cell.

Systec SP – highly dynamic

Systec SP is equipped with a hybrid drive system and is particularly suited for applications in packaging production. Short cycle times and high availability provide the ideal solution for many quick applications. The Systec SP stands for production effi cient processes and maximum cost effectiveness with best results.

Systec Servo – highly flexible

The Systec Servo is a hydraulic injection moulding machine with a hybrid drive concept. It is designed to be extremely energy efficient and can be flexibly adjusted to many requirements and production processes – with possibilities ranging from the wellequipped basic model to the individually configured production cell.

IntElect – highly precise

An all-electric injection moulding machine characterised by its high precision and energy efficiency. Low operating costs are what makes IntElect particularly efficient. The machine was built based on Sumitomo’s unique know-how in the development of all-electric drive systems.

El-Exis SP – incredibly fast

With extremely short cycle times and the shortest injection times El-Exis SP is the ideal machine for the application in the high end packaging production. The machine convinces with its robustness and extreme filling dynamics.

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