Hydraulic, hybrid and electrical injection moulding machines


Electric injection moulding machines

El-Exis SP & Systec SP

Hybrid injection moulding machines


Hydraulic injection moulding machines

The European Product Range: Top-class Solutions from a Single Platform

Systec SP – highly dynamic

Systec SP is equipped with a hybrid drive system and is particularly suited for applications in packaging production. Short cycle times and high availability provide the ideal solution for many quick applications.

IntElect – highly precise

An all-electric injection moulding machine characterized by its high precision and energy efficiency. Low operating costs are what makes IntElect particularly efficient. The machine was built based on Sumitomo’s unique know-how in the development of all-electric drive systems.

Systec – multi functional

The hydraulically driven injection moulding machine Systec is extremely energy-efficient and almost always allows a very flexible adaptation to the requirements – the options range from the well-equipped basic version to the individually configured production cell.

El-Exis SP – incredibly fast

With extremely short cycle times and the shortest injection times El-Exis SP is the ideal machine for the application in the high end packaging production. The machine
convinces with its robustness and extreme filling dynamics.

Requirements compared between the industries