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S-FIT in the car industry

Picture frame with seal

S-FIT seal in Core-Back process


Foamed S-Fit seal with turntable technology

Picture frame with seal

S-FIT seal in Core-Back process

Soft Foam Injection Technology (S-FIT)

S-FIT for the first time offers the opportunity to gate true flexible-foam seals (e.g. of polyurethane or silicone foam) in one process step (one-step process) directly into plastic parts. The process presented at the K-Fair 2007 as a world first, combines the advantages of thermoplastic base carriers with thermoset sealing properties, wide freedom of design with adjustable flexibility and high long-term leak resistance. By using pre-vulcanized thermosets, processing is safe and simple. The plant investment is kept within manageable limits. Probably the most significant aspect: the cycle times compared to standard injection moulding increase only marginally, because the waste heat from the thermoplastic material is used directly.

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