"activeColourChange" system for production of coloured plastic parts

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"activeColourChange" system for production of coloured plastic parts


"activeColourChange" system for production of coloured plastic parts


"activeColourChange" system for production of coloured plastic parts

Colouring – activeColourChange

Whether it's yellow, red, green or blue: giving plastic components a homogenous colour on injection moulding is not an easy task and this has been the case for a very long time. Surveys have revealed that now more than one third of all thermoplastic products are coloured or come into direct contact with colour, for instance through a painting process, and the trend is rising.

This is our idea

In cooperation with our partners, we have developed a liquid colour system for injection moulding machines which combines the advantages of liquid colour with the advantages of standard plasticisation. The central idea of most importance here is that the colour is not applied to the plastic until it is liquid. This not only saves time, energy and costs on colour changes, but separates the melting operation from the colouration process and thus allows a very constant metering process with full plasticisation and without smearing the worm. The special highlight here is that you do not come into contact with the liquid colour at all due to the closed system. One press of a button and the machine automatically switches over to the new colour tone.

We have tested this idea on a laboratory scale

A specially developed system, which is closed and specially adapted to the injection moulding process, dispenses liquid colour during the plasticisation phase in the front part of the injection cylinder. With the aid of the endless piston principle, even tiny amounts of colour can be very constantly applied to the polymer melt on counter-pressure. An adapted mixing element homogenises the mixture and very quickly provides the coloured plastic for the injection process.

First draft drawing for the 'activeColourChange'
Prototype on a laboratory scale

As a result your injection moulding machine has a colouring system...

...that allows very fast colour changes,...
...without you having to halt the machine,...
...without you having to adjust the parameters during the process,...
...that separates the plasticisation process from the colouring process,...
...that avoids direct contact with the liquid colourant,...
...and that can apply the colour pigments in a highly concentrated form and help reduce costs    in future.

You simply press a button and your product is automatically transformed from white to blue or from blue to white in just a few shots.

Don't you believe us? See for yourself …

                     … from white to blue …    … or …    … from blue to white …

Colouring with activeColourChange (left tower) and Masterbatch (right tower)

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