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Biopolymers in the consumer industry

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Biopolymers in the consumer industry

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Biopolymers in the consumer industry


Novel biomaterials become ever more important in the field of injection moulding. After many years of research and development, this group of materials achieves ever more commercial success. Especially such aspects as the pricing pressure of conventional polymers, the conservation of depletable resources, the protection of the environment and climate protection, or the ever more draconic requirements regarding disposal or recycling will set the course in favour of eco-products in future. Here, ever more mass-produced items will take hold based on special applications.

Biomaterials are materials gained from biodegradable polymers that are fully or substantially based on agricultural raw materials or wood. Here, typical elements include starch, sugar, vegetable oils or cellulose as well as specific biomolecules such as lignin or rubber. The share of these basic raw materials in the material is no less than twenty percent (20%). By now, many biomaterials have reached a high level of engineering or commercial maturity. This is supplemented by special and sometimes unique properties in terms of appearance, look and feel or biodegradability.

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